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Tony Abbott must stop the perks to retain authenticity

Authenticity is the greatest asset a politician can have. Yet Tony Abbott and his staff are wasting no time dissipating Abbott’s authenticity. It’s only taken them three weeks. Abbott has a problem. He’s a perker. Over the past three years he has claimed more than $50,000 in what I regard as spurious demands on the public purse. He has charged the taxpayers for his own self promotion, his fitness obsession, for going to weddings,
against humanity game, everything from the Birdsville races to the Hervey Bay Ocean Swim.

Abbott’s actions, and the justifications presented by his office that the other side does it are symptomatic of something far deeper,
card for humanity, a culture of double standards and double dipping in Australian politics. The culture extends to both sides of the political divide.

This week the new Prime Minister has been in Asia doing the groundwork for vastly more important matters than the relative trivia of political travel perks. But the cascade of details about dubious expense claims and overseas junketing has opened a window into the colonisation of Australian politics by a political class focused on power,
card of humanity, perks, profit and self perpetuation. Public service does not define them.

It is symptomatic of this culture that so many politicians have made spurious claims on the public purse,
black cards against humanity, dressed up as community activities or study tours. An ambiguous line exists between retail politics and self promotion but too many private costs have leached into public expenses.

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