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  • KindyROO@SPRING is a specially designed curriculum with activities to help a young child’s brain to develop. Our multi-faceted approach helps create readiness for learning in many ways, including gross and fine motor development, visualisation skills and body awareness. Your child will also be exposed to coordination and strength activities, rhythm and music activities, motor planning and sequencing activities, visual and auditory skill development and socialisation skills.

    The activities within each class are selected for their age appropriateness according to the normal developmental sequence. Activities in each successive class build on the skills and achievements gained previously. Each individual class is highly structured with regular routines to keep your child stimulated and working toward the best learning goals for their age and personal skill level.

  • Classes are organised around age group development. Your child can progress from “Caterpillars” as early as six weeks to “Penguins” at 18 months.
  • Classes for children in their first year of life, when children are in the reflex-motor stage, are designed to help them progress from involuntary to voluntary movements.
  • KindyROO places great importance on the role of parents and carers, and provides them with objective information such as how and why certain activities are essential for brain development, in addition, to practical guidance on activities that can be conducted while away from the centre.
  • Originally from Australia and developed by Margaret Sasse nearly 30 years ago, KindyROO is a leader in toddler neuro-education and is globally recognised. The programme is designed to maximise neuro-physiological development of children aged six weeks to 18 months.