Learning Through Real Tools and Real Processes

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  • Woodwork is our newest programme. This course is based around some core skills and values that tie in well with experiential learning and the ideals of STEM and STEAM.

    Using real tools, such as saws, hammers and nails, planes, clamps, sanding blocks and drills specifically designed for young hands we work on projects that, over the course of one or sometimes two sessions, challenge the students’ creativity, motor skills, critical thinking and mathematical understanding. Having 90 minutes or even 3 hours to work on a project gives the students time to analyse and identify problems and figure out their own way of solving them resulting in very individual projects that reflect their personality and the thought that they have invested in the project.

    Projects range from simply ornamental objects, to mechanically working vehicles and even puzzles and games.

    We will also be enhancing some of the builds with simple electronics as we work closely as a class to explore the basic theories of electrical circuits and motors as well as practical elements such as wiring. Safety and proper use of tools is clearly very important, and the students will learn how to, not only, use the tools safely and correctly, but how to maintain them and keep them clean and tidy. Safety goggles, gloves, woodwork aprons and masks are provided.

      3.5-6 years
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