See the world in a new light

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  • Creating art helps children discover the unexpected possibilities of their creativity; it celebrates multiple perspectives and different ways to see and interpret the world. Apart from communicating visually, the exploration of art ideas allows children to make their own assessments instead of following specific rules or directions. These are the hallmarks of establishing a creative mindset through art and there is no better time to lay the foundations than during the golden period of age 2 onwards.
  • The bespoke Art curriculum places particular emphasis on teaching students how to see and observe artistically – or ‘art thinking’ prior to the art-making process. Developed in collaboration with the renowned arts and design education group birdintree, children will be taken on a journey to re-address their sensory awareness of the world around them.
  • The 8 core objectives behind the Art programme are to help students:
    1. Explore possibilities
    2. Discover new things
    3. Experience right and wrong
    4. Observe with different views
    5. Solve problems
    6. Ask questions
    7. Make things skillfully; and
    8. Moving the mind and body harmoniously.
  • Each programme block consists of 8 classes, where a single theme is identified and fully expanded upon with an aim to meeting the 8 core learning objectives.
  • The Art programme has been specially designed with SPRING’s facilities in mind, by Esther Liu, Founder of birdintree. She recently retired from the position of Associate Professor, School of Design, HK Polytechnic University in 2012, and has extensive experience working abroad in North America and Europe, practicing as an Art Director and Designer prior to becoming an educator.
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      60 mins / class
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