Organic, natural development in our world today is a thing of the past. Consider all the interferences modern society brings that reduce natural stimuli: hectic work schedules, safety concerns, convenience factors and compromised diets.

A child’s development occurs as the brain creates connections from learning about the body, the world around him or her and to move in response. In order to achieve optimal development of social-emotional, cognitive and physical abilities, children need to successfully pass through sequential milestones – each dependent on the development of the previous one – to reach their full potential.

Moving through these critical steps with the appropriate level of stimulation lays a foundation and better prepares children for academic and physical challenges school may place on them, and later that life may bring.

SPRING focuses on four key areas of enhancement: neurophysiological development, sensory integration, nutrition discovery and physical competence. The curriculum for each focus area is age and skill appropriate, and administered by specialists in each of those areas. Our commitment extends to helping parents and carers build their understanding and competency so that key elements of our programmes may be adapted to the daily regime of a child.