Summer Camp

This summer, SPRING your child’s potential by awakening their abilities through fun, directed activities! SPRING is offering a fantastic Summer Camp from June to August. Help your child reach their best at SPRING Learning.

Download Schedule
  • Age 2-3.5yrs
    2-Days (Wednesday and Friday)
    – Discoverer, Cooking, Sports
  • Age 3.5-6yrs
    2-Days (Tuesday and Thursday)
    – Cooking, Drama, Sports, and STEM

    3-Days (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
    – Cooking, Drama, Sports, STEM, and Woodwork

  • Date & Time
    8th June to 29th August 2020
    (2 hours per day)
  • Fees
    2-Days Camp
    - $3500/2 weeks, $7000/4 weeks, $9200/6 weeks

    3-Days Camp
    - $4000/2 weeks, $8000/4 weeks, $10800/6 weeks