Cultivate greater social emotional awareness and skills

How does your child react to spilt juice on their clothes? What do they think when other children have vastly different opinions to theirs?

Helping children gain a better understanding of themselves, the world around them and how to make better decisions are the key objectives behind the Social Emotional Workshop. Equip your child with essential life skills such as improving self-awareness, managing emotions, learning empathy and differences in people and their cultures.

With a strong background in the field of children’s psychological development, progress of brain maturation, identity formation and empathic understanding, Ms. Ada Cheung heads the Social Emotional Workshop which she designed based on these child psychology related principles.

  • Fee:
    $3,200 (8 classes)
  • Duration:
    60 mins
  • Age:
    3.5 - 5 yrs
  • Schedule:
    Thur 2:30 - 3:30pm, Sun 4:15 - 5:15pm