• 1
    How large is the centre?

    Our facility is approximately 9,000 sq ft, comprising three activity rooms for multiple use, an activity hall featuring specialist equipment, a sensory room, a stadium and a fully equipped kitchen. There is also a café area and two nursing rooms for parents and a soft play area for young children.

  • 2
    What are the programme fees?

    Fees are dependant on the child’s age and programme enrolled in, charged per block of classes. Please refer to the Fees section on our website for the latest fee schedule. There is also a one-time, non-refundable membership fee of HK$1,000.

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    What does this membership fee include?

    The membership fee includes any materials required for the programme your child is enrolled in, a Parent Handbook, a SPRING tote bag and unlimited access to the SPRING facilities for as long as the membership is valid.

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    How much notice do I need to give to withdraw my child and can fees be refunded?

    There is no need for a written notice to withdraw a child from any learning programme. Fees once settled, are non-refundable.

  • 5
    What happens if a rainstorm or typhoon warning is raised?

    Classes will continue for Typhoon Warning Signal Nos. 1 and 3; and Amber and Red Rainstorm Warnings.
    Classes will be cancelled from the moment when (i) the Hong Kong Observatory makes an announcement as to the estimated time when Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 will be in force (ii) Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 or the Black Rainstorm Warning is in force. Parents may contact SPRING’s general line to find out if the centre is closed.
    If the Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 and Black Rainstorm Warning is lifted before 12pm, the centre will reopen and classes will resume approximately two hours afterwards. Classes are cancelled for the entire day if the Typhoon Warning Signal No. 8 and Black Rainstorm Warning is lifted after 12pm.
    No make up classes are available for weather enforced closure.

  • 6
    What training does SPRING staff have and what is the overall experience level?

    Our teachers are required to have teacher training and be experienced in leading groups of children. Our core staff members are highly qualified in their field of expertise. Most teachers have more than ten years of work experience.

  • 7
    Are the teachers certified in infant and child first-aid and CPR?

    In accordance with Education Bureau guidelines, we have at least one staff member available who has full first-aid certification.

  • 8
    Does SPRING conduct a background check on teachers?

    Before joining the SPRING family, each staff member is required to undergo a Sexual Conviction Record Check through the Hong Kong Police.

  • 9
    What is the range of activities offered at SPRING?

    Activities are carefully designed and grouped in five programme pillars:


  • 10
    What is the teacher-to-child ratio?

    Classes always have a main teacher and a teacher assistant. On average the staff-to-child ratio is 1:4 (with the minimum being 1:3 and maximum 1:6).

  • 11
    What is your policy regarding sick children?

    SPRING strongly advises parents whose children are unwell that their child(ren) should remain at home until fully recovered. Germs and viruses spread quickly among humans and it is in the best interest of other children and our staff that we ask for parents’ cooperation on this matter.

  • 12
    What happens if my child is off sick?

    Make up lessons can be arranged and are subject to space availability. For information on number of make up lessons allowed per programme, refer to the “What is your make up policy?” FAQ.

  • 13
    What happens if my child becomes ill or is injured at the centre?

    Parents / caregivers are actively involved in their child’s attendance at SPRING, as such SPRING will not be held liable for any illness or injuries sustained by the child at the centre.

  • 14
    What is the centre’s discipline policy?

    Positive reinforcement is always practiced and encouraged. Our teaching staff adheres to our policy on discipline, giving clear instructions to children, using praise and being empathetic. Children’s learning is maximised if they are in a happy environment. Consistency is important for a child, so we ask parents / caregivers to carry out the same practice as our teachers in behaviour management. There is absolutely no shouting, belittling or rough handling of any child at SPRING.

  • 15
    How involved can parents be at the centre?

    Working closely with our parents / caregivers is essential at SPRING. How a child performs in his / her learning largely depends on how much the parent / caregiver is involved in the programme. It is our will to ensure parents / caregivers are well informed of their child’s progress, fully engaged and participate in the activities and their child’s learning. Cooperative and supportive families are fundamental contributors in a successful learning establishment for children.

    SPRING has an open door policy and hopefully parents / caregivers will feel comfortable to talk with, share or give suggestions and feedback to any of our staff.

  • 16
    What type of safety features does the facility have in place?

    CCTV cameras with a recording system are installed in certain points of the centre to provide visibility of children, ensuring their safety.

  • 17
    Are parents provided with daily or weekly comments / assessments to keep us informed on how our children are doing?

    Upon enrolment a Parent Handbook is distributed along with a folder. We suggest parents to use that folder to file all learning documents provided in class. Parents / caregivers are encouraged to keep a personal record of their child’s learning achievements, in order to revisit their learning experiences any time.  We also offer parents access to an online platform called KeptMe, allowing our educators and parents to jointly view and contribute to their child’s educational journey in a secure and interactive environment.  Through the KeptMe app, parents can view period updates on their child’s progress and in-class activities, including pictures, commentary and more all in one centralized place.

  • 18
    Are meals and snacks available?

    SPRING serves beverages such as coffee, tea, juice, bottled water, fruit smoothies and snacks at a minimal price in our self-serviced café. You are also welcome to bring your own.

  • 19
    Is parking available?

    Two parking facilities are available nearby. Wilson Parking is next to Centre Point and Imperial Parking is in Sunshine Plaza on Jaffe Road. The pavement in front of the building on Gloucester Road allows for quick drop-offs and pick-ups only.

  • 20
    What is the language of instruction?

    All our programmes are taught in English only unless otherwise specified.

  • 21
    Do you have any fire and accident policies in place?

    Our policies are fully outlined in our Parent Handbook and include the centre policies regarding safety, fire, evacuation, infectious disease and sickness, hygiene and infection, etc.

  • 22
    What is your waitlist policy?

    Enrolment is based on a first-come, first-served basis. If the class you are interested in is full, your child will be offered another class of your choosing until a place opens up.

  • 23
    May I take photos of my child in class?

    Taking photographs during a class is usually disruptive for both children and teachers, and thus is not permitted. If you want to photograph your child, please make prior arrangements with the centre’s principal. From time to time, there will be professional photographs or short video footage taken of children in the centre for media purposes. Should parents not wish their children to be included in photos or videos, they will need to inform the centre and we will ensure to keep your child’s privacy. We would encourage parents to register and download the KeptMe app, where periodic updates of your child will be uploaded to the platform including pictures of your child taken during class by our staff.


  • 24
    Will my child receive anything at the end of each course?

    To be eco-friendly, children will receive a certificate acknowledging their attendance and date of completion of the relevant programme title on request only.

  • 25
    What is your make up class policy?

    Make up classes are offered for all programmes and are subject to place availability:

    • KindyROO and Sensory:

    3 make up classes are available per block and make up classes can be completed within the same week or at the end of the block.

    • Discoverer:

    1 make up class is available per block and make up class can be completed within the same week or at the end of the block.

    • Kindermusik:

    2 make up classes are available per block and make up classes can be completed within the same week or at the end of the block.

    • Mandarin:

    2 make up classes are available per block and make up classes can be completed within the same week or at the end of the block.

    Please contact our reception about make up class arrangement for other programmes.

    For absence due to travelling reasons, please advise the centre of the travel dates no later than 2 weeks before the scheduled date of travel.

  • 26
    What is your policy for absenteeism?

    If you know your child will be absent for class, please advise the centre no later than two hours before the scheduled class. Otherwise the scheduled class will automatically be forfeited without notice and a make up class will not be offered.

  • 27
    What are the Terms and Conditions of SPRING Gift Cards?
    1. The card may only be redeemed for the purpose indicated by the stamped lettering and within the stated validity period.
    2. Redemption of the card for any programme or Discovery Class is subject to space availability, please contact SPRING for more details.
    3. The card must be handed over to SPRING at the time of redemption.
    4. Redemption can only be made once; any residual or unused balance may not be carried forward.
    5. The face value, residual or unused balance of the card is non-refundable and non-exchangeable for cash or credit.
    6. In the event of any dispute, the decision of SPRING shall be final.