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  • A lesson in empathy: visit to cage home families

    How aware is your child of Hong Kong's housing conditions experienced by those at a grassroots level?
  • Jan 19th to Feb 28th 2016

    NEUROSTEPS + NEUROSENSE Programme Bundle

    Help your baby off to a stimulating start in 2016 through our NEUROSTEPS + NEUROSENSE programmer bundle.
    From now until end of Feb, enroll into both programmes together at a special bundled rate and your child will also be entitled to access additional morning classes for both progammes throughout the duration of the block at no extra charge. (subject to availability)
    Targeted repetition helps brain development through strengthening of connections between neurons, hence we encourage more frequent participation throughout the week! Terms and conditions apply.
  • Mandarin Story Telling

    Every child has their own potential.
    Every child should have a positive self-image.
    This story is about ‘Even if no one loves me, I will learn to love myself’.
    Ms. Tina, head of our Mandarin@SPRING programme will be hosting a story time session with us.
  • Saturday 28 November, 2015

    SPRING Winter Day Camp

    Come November, SPRING will be leading a group of 30-50 children and parents on an excursion to get away from the concrete jungle and closer to nature! Accompanied by a team of experienced instructors, participants will learn how to climb up and down trees safely, taste the sensation of flying through the forest across a zip line, and learn other useful tips to ensure personal protection and safety. In addition, other family / group friendly activities will be available at the camp site including cycling, golf, archery and more.
  • 16th November to 20th December 2015

    You asked; we listened!

    Following the recent launch of our 0-6 month Baby Pass, we have created a similar offering for our 18-24 month old toddlers providing unlimited access to three of our staple programmes. This new Unlimited Pass will only be available for a very limited time - from Nov 16 to Dec 20 - so get in early if you want to lock in all your favourite timeslots!

    With SPRING’s latest toddlers pass offering, your child will be entitled to unlimited access to Cooking, Discoverer and Sports classes for 5 weeks.

  • Nov 5th (Thursday) 6:30pm - 7:30pm

    Parent’s Workshop: Socially Skilled Children

    It shouldn't surprise that socially successful people are generally more successful in life. Children are increasingly faced with managing these situations early on; in school interviews for example, children who can introduce themselves, converse with teachers, ask questions, provide answers and join other children at play are more likely to do well, regardless of their knowledge and abilities.

    In sporting activities, children who can communicate well with the coach and work together with peers have a better chance to becoming an important member of the team even though they may not be more competent.

    Our speaker Ms. Tina Stephenson will work through all these scenarios and the skills children require to be socially successful. It is never too early (or too late) for your child to learn great social skills!

    The workshop will focus on:

    1. Have great greetings and introductions
    2. How children can join their peers at play
    3. How to talk to adults