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SPRING Neurosense Programme Class Sensory Integration Development Babies and Children Class Schedule Description Rundown
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  • Neurosense exposes children to a wide range of typical inputs they should be receiving from their environment to stimulate each of their senses. To activate and improve children’s sense of sight, the programme provides a variety of activities to challenge their visual system. We also have various auditory stimulation activities to activate their listening and hearing abilities. Their sense of touch can be enhanced by a range of activities centred on tactile stimulation. Their motor skills are awakened to the great deal of sensory inputs from various muscles and body systems that enhance coordination and balance – skills necessary to begin moving and controlling their bodies in their surroundings.
  • We work with you and your child to prepare their oral-motor and fine-motor skills for critical developmental milestones in speech and writing capabilities, ensuring they are in place before primary schooling. Children who can interpret what is happening around them may develop more rapidly and pick up on new concepts much more quickly when they approach their first academic experiences in primary school. This will set them on the road to success at a faster rate than peers who have not consolidated their ‘sensory world’ as well.
  • Our complete sensory programmes, designed by experienced occupational therapist Ann Bridgewater, bring out the best in children’s abilities because they are age and skill appropriate. Ms. Bridgewater oversaw the equipment selection at SPRING and developed class schedules based on her more than 13 years of experience advising families and working therapeutically with children on sensory issues at both the Duchess of Kent Children’s Hospital and The Child Development Centre at Matilda Hospital, Hong Kong.

    Your child can participate in these beneficial classes in our purpose-built sensory rooms starting from birth all the way to age three. Our dedicated staff will work with you to help develop your child’s skills at differentiating what is happening in their world and to bring out the best in their abilities.