• 0-6mths - 60 mins

    Consider the overwhelming shock the senses have to absorb at birth; the burst of light, the smell of the world, the noises, movement and all the tactile input from carers, clothing, nappies etc.  Our new-borns have so much to contend with. The programme for 0 to 6 months are aimed at easing the stress on the child’s sensory systems as they develop more motor control and awareness of their bodies and as they transition from milk feeding to semi-solids. They are gradually exposed to pleasant stimuli in all of their seven sensory systems within a very safe and nurturing environment in the presence of their carer.

  • 6-12mths - 60 mins

    At this developmental age, the complex motor milestones such as learning to sit, crawl and stand require that the child must efficiently receive, process and integrate predominantly visual, tactile, proprioceptive and vestibular inputs. Our programme for this age group facilitates the appropriate development of these sensory systems and their effective integration with each other. In addition, as the children progress, they are gradually expected to participate more actively in the sensory activities as compared to the 0 to 6 month programme where the carer is more involved in providing passive input to them.

  • 12-18mths - 60 mins

    At 12 to 18 months, most children learn to walk and are at the early stages of language development. In order to learn to walk, many of the sensory systems required for the earlier motor milestones such as the vestibular, proprioceptive, tactile, visual and auditory senses need to be working effectively and integrated efficiently.

    In order for early language development to occur, the auditory system needs to be very astute and the processing of the meaning of words along with the integration of sensory input from all the other senses in particular visual must be keenly efficient. Our programme for 12 to 18 months provides age appropriate sensory play that facilitates the development, extension and integration of all these sensory areas.

  • 18-24mths - 60 mins

    As language development becomes more complex at this age and children start to communicate using words, effective and efficient sensory processing is crucial for them to be able to keep up with receiving verbal instructions, processing them and planning out either a verbal or a motor response. Very often in our daily interactions, this whole sequence of sensory processing all happens within the span of a few seconds and children must be ready to respond and react in all the new environments they are coming into contact with.

    The programme for this age group continues to strike a balance between optimally arousing and calming the whole range of sensory systems to best facilitate their development in the toddlers.

  • 24-36mths - 60 mins

    Sensory Art

    A new programme fusing sensory integration practices with art!

    Classes are designed to assist children aged 2-3 years with readiness for school through the practice of relevant skills and to further advance their sensory processing with activities focusing on fine motor, pre-writing, gross motor and self care. Different senses are stimulated through a highly interactive process using artistic mediums such as visual art, painting, model making and more.