• Supersport@SPRING Physical Competence SPRING Learning
    18 - 30 August, 2013

    Introducing new sports to Supersport@SPRING!

    Unlock your child’s sporting potential with more than 15 sports including soccer, basketball, floor hockey, archery, yoga and more
    Book a trial class held from 18-30 August 2013 at no cost!
    Suitable for children from walking to 3 years of age
  • Effective Discipline SPRING Learning Hong Kong Lora Lee
    4 August, 2013

    One-On-One Discipline Workshop with Lora

    Book your 30 min consultation on Sunday 4 August with Ms Lora Lee, M.Sc, M.A., B.A and learn about “Effective Discipline”
    What is effective discipline and how to plan/implement consistent, clear, realistic consequences
    How to regain control as parent
    How to use “attention” to encourage or terminate behavior
  • SPRING Learning Centre Wanchai Hong Kong Creative Drama Confidence Social Development
    24 July – 18 August 2013

    Creative Drama@SPRING

    Let your child’s imagination take flight and boost self-confidence and creativity through drama
    See the final performance at the end of the course
    Classes for children 3 - 5 years
  • SPRING Learning Centre Wanchai Hong Kong PreGOLF Open Day SuperSports SNAG
    21 July 2013

    PreGOLF@SPRING classes in August 2013

    Introduction into PreGOLF: SPRING Open Day on Sunday 21 July 2013 – Free to RSVP!
    PreGOLF summer classes for ages 3-5 launches in August 2013
  • SPRING Learning Centre Wanchai Hong Kong Bring Me a Book Short Course Pauline Young
    June 30, 2013

    Be Your Child’s First Teacher – Inspire Them For Future Success

    Reading with your child not only nurtures their creativity and imagination but more importantly, leads to future success in school and life. Start reading with your child from birth, and discover the miracles of your child’s cognitive development, communication and concentration skills and the power of family bonding.
  • May 26, 2013

    Emotion Coaching – Handling Your Child’s Emotions

    Introduce the nine temperament traits
    Explore different developmental domains of preschoolers
    Positive parenting practices – the art of praising
    How to help preschoolers cope with negative feelings
    Learn to be your child’s emotion coach