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  • Supersport engages children in a range of physical and sporting activities that allow them to expend energy in a directed manner. The psycho-motor (mental and muscular) learning that your child will experience in this class focuses on movement concepts and strategies, building power and strength, enhancing balance and coordination in addition to other essential skills.

    Working in a team and with our specially trained instructors will also develop your child's listening and comprehension skills, critical for following multi-step instructions. Group activities promote increased attention span as well as learning effective turn-taking and patience. They will be introduced to the concepts of winning and losing, which is a difficult lesson to learn for some children. Specific activities promote critical and creative thinking, communication and socialisation. These are all important skills for healthy children and successful family interactions.

    The programme achieves key learning objectives through more than 15 different types of sports including mini soccer, basketball, tennis, floor hockey, bowling, archery, boxing, yoga and more. Sporting safety will also play a large part in all of our classes so children can begin to develop a sense of respect for themselves and others early on in life.

    Supersport is suitable for children from 18 months to 3.5 years of age.