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our babies’ brain development

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  • Brain Development Program in HK

    Neurosteps is a neuro-physiological development programme designed by SPRING to help every child’s brain reach its true potential. Beginning from as early as six weeks of age onwards, children in Neurosteps will be stimulated with a variety of inspirational motor-based activities in our classrooms as well as our large equipment area. Our programme focuses on our children developing stronger brain connections, rhythmic and musical understanding, and their proprioceptive and vestibular systems to achieve appropriate developmental milestones and supporting our children in reaching their full potential.

  • Our teachers work with parents and caregivers in each session to utilize bespoke tools and equipment within the Neurosteps programme and support the continued application of classroom learning in the home. Thus allowing for each child’s developing brain to build the foundation skills that support future executive brain functions and higher order thinking such as problem solving and creativity.
  • Classes are grouped in accordance to age and developmental milestones to ensure that every child can have the best possible start. Whilst our teaching team will support each family through this journey, a breakdown of these stages can be considered as:

    Wrigglers: 6weeks – Crawling
    Crawlers: Crawling – Walking
    Waddlers: Walking – 18 months

      Wrigglers: 6 weeks – Crawling
      Crawlers: Crawling – Walking
      Waddlers: Walking – 18 months