Drama Musical Collab

Experience the joy of becoming mini actors and actresses

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  • A process-focused programme designed for young learners to enhance imagination and stimulate free-flow of ideas and emotions, and empower them to communicate with confidence and passion through their abilities in acting, dancing, and singing.
  • By providing a fun, creative, and non-threatening environment through sensory-activation, and immersion in storytelling and music we motivate children at a high-learning and inspirational interest level. They build ownership of their thoughts and feelings so they can process them effectively and harness them for creative output whether in the performing arts or real-life situations.
  • Drama Musical Lab is offered in 2 levels at Spring.

    Musical Collab Beginners (ages 3-5)
    Use body and voice to engage in imaginative journeys and interactive storytelling, while immersed in music appreciation and expression. By channelling pretend-play, singing, and dancing in the world of make-believe, we allow students to discover a pinwheel of emotions, gain confidence, and practise discipline in a fun way.

    Musical Collab Stage 1 (ages 4-6)
    Connect to emotions and physicalise them through facial expressions and gestures, while expanding aptitude for vocal production and musicality. In this artistically conducive environment, students hone skills in storytelling, speech, and choreographed movement, while flexing their acting aptitude.

  • The programme instructor ROY ROLLODA has more than 25 years of experience as a professional performer and creative arts educator. As an accomplished musical theatre actor, he has headlined a string of big musicals around Asia, and was part of the opening team principal vocalists for Hong Kong Disneyland’s The Golden Mickeys. He was also a member of the prestigious Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines Singers and Dancers in Miami, performing Broadway-calibre shows.

    As an educator he is a highly sought-after performing arts teacher having pioneered the performing arts programme at My Musical Studio (2012-2014), and held the position of Head of Performing Arts and Creative Director at Kids’ Gallery International (2014-2023). He also spearheaded the development of the English Drama division at Creative Power Education Centre (2011-2012). Roy has taught musical theatre, drama, and communication arts courses, and designed drama-based programmes for live theatre and digital media. He has directed countless shows for theatre, film, and live events at different scales involving children and professional adults. Through all these, Roy continues to passionately propagate the transformative power of creative education and is delighted to be starting a new venture with Creative Collab.

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