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  • Drama provides a platform for children to build self-confidence while learning to become more expressive and interactive, enabling them to have fun and thrive in a highly dynamic environment.
  • The programme introduces children to basic drama and communication skills in theatre including how to communicate to an audience with different emotions while cooperating with other children. Activities and exercises featured in each class are designed to engage children and encourage them to speak up in a guided and relaxed environment.
  • Each lesson's topic provides structure, and allows students to learn appropriate/contextual vocabulary (e.g. Topic: Train Conductor. Vocabulary: carriage, tracks, passengers...) Drama classes are episodic - each class is self contained.
  • The programme’s main focal area is on eliciting ideas from students to devise stories that they perform, making it student centered; as an example, students are offered the opportunity to choose their own favourite fairy tale and instead of having the usual teacher talk / students follow approach, students are encouraged to participate and to create their own story line in order to spark their creativity. Students will touch on various aspects of theatre, from prop making, costume designing, applying make up and more. The course culminates in an open class where student's works are displayed, followed by a sharing / presentation / performance session in front of parents.
  • Drama is co-taught by two highly experienced and passionate Drama teachers: Leon Sullivan and Emma Leung.
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