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  • Discoverer is designed to address the critical areas of development for well-rounded young children in the lead up to pre-nursery through a multifaceted approach. Building on the skills and developmental milestones reached through Neurosteps and Neurosense , the programme aims to foster a child’s self-independence, good manners, discipline, intra / interpersonal skills, language and social development, logical thinking and much more. These capabilities will help children by giving them a greater edge when presenting at interview settings while boosting their capacity to learn by the time they enter school.
  • The Discoverer programme is structured with classes that combine theme-based learning, drama, sensory stimulation, imaginative play, music, and nutrition discovery. Classes feature a dynamic mix of activities ranging from linguistics, speech and drama to math, logic and spatial awareness and memory building. The classes combine many of SPRING’s much loved facilities such as the kitchen, stadium and music room for a holistic learning experience.
  • The “Knowledge Centre” section of the programme uncovers an array of new themes for children to explore each week, including creative arts and science. Activities are also optimised to develop and maintain concentration and attention for even the busiest minds and bodies.

    Younger children will be exposed to basic instructions, simple vocabulary and counting tasks. For older children, classes are focused on developing more complex knowledge, provide opportunities to follow more complicated commands and expose children to separation time to grow their independence further.

    The Discoverer programme is suitable for children between 18 to 32 months.

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