Discoverer PLUS

Fostering an all rounded child

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  • Children at just 18 months or shortly thereafter are increasingly faced with managing social situations early on; in school interviews for example, children who can introduce themselves, converse with teachers, ask questions and join other children at play are more likely to do well. In team based activities such as in sports, children who can communicate well with the coach and work together with peers have a better chance to becoming an important member of the team even though they may not be more competent.
  • Discoverer Plus builds on the established Discoverer programme and adds two proven dimensions to the mix: Cooking and Supersport.
    By combining a solid theme based learning approach and increasing diversity and exposure through different contexts, Discoverer Plus is a truly holistic offering that aims to foster the development of an all rounded child.
  • The Discoverer Plus programme is designed for twice-weekly attendance with class duration of 105 mins (15 min break in-between). A typical class will comprise of a 45 mins Discoverer + 45 mins Cooking class or a 45 mins Discoverer + 45 mins Supersport class.
      18 - 24 mths
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      105 mins
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