• 18-24mths - 60 mins
    • introducing basic movements such as grabbing, throwing, swinging, and kicking along with simple sport terminology
    • enhancing children’s gross / fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination
    • giving simple instructions consisting of one or two commands
    • fostering parent and child bonding to have fun via sporting activities
    • demonstrating how to be a team player and engage in group activities
  • 2-3.5yrs - 60 mins
    • developing a greater appreciation of various sporting activities
    • exploring different parts of the body via creative movements to develop physical skills, channel energy, stimulate imagination and promote creativity
    • guiding children to master throwing, kicking and grabbing skills while emphasising basic  posture and motion when playing a sport
    • teaching basic rules of each game, so that children can grasp sport related terms
    • giving more complex instructions, with opportunities to learn and practice teamwork
    • educating about the importance of stretching with unique and fun yoga poses
  • 3.5-5yrs - 60 mins
      A bespoke Supersport curriculum for 3.5-5 years old promising a fun step-up in cardio and muscle strengthening. Particular attention will be placed towards developing a child’s endurance, strength and flexibility each week with results logged so that parents can track progress. Parents who have experienced Personal Training sessions for themselves in the past will be in tune with what we have in store for this programme.